Video: FSU’s Jameis Winston Involved in Bench Clearing #Basebrawl

What is it about baseball and bench clearing brawls? This incident seems to start innocently enough, but escalates quickly. Here’s more from the Bleacher Report (video below):

Benches cleared during Tuesday night’s college baseball game between Florida and Florida State in Jacksonville and the biggest star on the diamond found himself in the middle of the brawl. Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston must have felt like he was back on the gridiron in late November when he found himself right in the heart of a massive scrum. The brawl started in the eighth inning when Florida State left fielder DJ Stewart hit a dribbler down the first-base line and decided to use the hit stick on Gators reliever Danny Young, who was collecting the ball while in the base path.  Young’s teammate, first baseman Zack Powers, took offense to the hit and got in Stewart’s face, and that’s when things escalated quickly.