Middle School Baseball Coach Accused of Bullying Own Players

Where does coaching end and bullying begin? For parents of young baseball players at Berrien Middle School in Georgia the line was apparently crossed by coach Jordan Stokes repeatedly and they wanted him out. But is this a case of an abusive coach, see or over-protective parents not agreeing with the way someone coaches their children? Apparently there is a video of the practice in question that should shed some light on the situation.

More on the story from WTXL:

Jordan Stokes stepped down from his coaching position earlier this month but he remains the P.E. teacher at Berrien Middle School. Parents wanted Jordan Stokes fired from teaching but the Berrien County school board made the decision to keep him in that position after discussing the matter during an executive session after Tuesday night’s board meeting. The parents of the baseball players say they don’t think he should be around children.

Stokes’ father says he loves the kids and he’s a great teacher and coach. For a group of young boys, playing baseball is their dream but some parents say their former coach made them want to quit the game they love. According to parents, then coach Jordan Stokes not only bullied his players but abused them as well. “During the time my son was doing bear crawls, again this is on the video, my son took a knee to take a breath and the coach took a Gatorade bottle and threw it at him,” said parent Patty Williams.
Williams, the mother of one of the players says since her son is a little bit bigger than the other boys he was singled out, one of three players, the primary target of the alleged abuse.

“The coach had pulled him aside and the whole practice time was doing bear crawls, suicides, long jumps to where his elbows were raw and bleeding, along with his knees,” said Williams. Tuesday night, Williams along with several parents, also with boys on the team took their concerns to the Berrien County School Board meeting, one parent reading a letter detailing each of their allegations from name-calling to Stokes, spitting on players. “Jordan Stokes repeatedly screamed at the top of his lungs, so intense that he spit all over them,” said Gary Williams, a baseball parent.