Prosecutor: Heath High School Incident Doesn’t Fit Definition Of #Hazing

The definition of hazing in youth sports gets debated frequently, viagra sales no rx mostly by school administrators who want to explain away the actions of their wayward students by making any excuse that their actions were NOT technically speaking “hazing”. They’re roughhousing, discount cialis salve “poor decision making”, ailment or our favorite “boys being boys.”

Now we have a local prosecutor in Heath, Ohio who has decided that an incident involving varsity basketball at Heath High were not actually hazing each other because the victims “were already on the boys basketball team.” So, it’s hazing right up until the time the coach says “You’re on the team!” , but then after that it’s not.

But wait, it gets better. The actions may not be hazing but Prosecutor Ken Oswalt filed the report that calls it “reports of alleged inappropriate touching by student(s).” Ultimately the report classifies the offense as rape, a first-degree felony.

So, not hazing, but rape.If you’re one of the accused, you may be wishing now it was hazing.

Source: NBCi4