Has Novelty Sports Betting Gone Too Far? Bookmaker offering odds on Pistorius murder trial

They say there are sports books in the United Kingdom that will take bets on anything: Oscar winners or losers, number of wardrobe malfunctions at the next Super Bowl halftime show . . . anything. But has one oddsmaker gone too far by taking a bet on the murder trial of a former athlete?

Here’s more from Yahoo Sports:

A bookmaker has opened themselves up for criticism after controversially offering odds on Oscar Pistorius’s murder trial.
Somewhat tastelessly placed in the ‘Novelty Bets’ section of the website, Paddy Power have come under fire on social media for their ‘gone too far’ offering.
Under the title ‘Premeditated murder charge verdict’, mind the bookmaker has offered odds on ‘Guilty’ and ‘Not guilty’ ahead of the start of the trial.
A further description reads: “Singles Only. Applies to the verdict of Oscar Pistorius’ first trial for the charge of premeditated murder. Bets void should charge be changed from ‘premeditated murder’ before verdict. Bets void should mistrial be declared.”

Not sure about whether the bet is tasteful or not, but do you really consider the legal system a “fair” game?