The Odds of a Great Super Bowl Game?

Currently, the Las Vegas oddsmakers are saying that the Denver Broncos are a 2 point favorite over the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl 48. That’s up from only one point after the division playoff games. Look into more Super Bowl betting news and odds here.

Individual predictions however, such as Brian Burke at the New York Times give an edge to the Seahawks after some lengthy (some would say boring) analysis.

And it can probably be argued that this could be one of the most even Super Bowl matchups in recent memory . . . but is that enough to guarantee a great game?

Right now, everyone is focusing on the obvious match-up between the rejuvenated Peyton Manning-lead Broncos offense against the top ranked Seahawks defense. The general consensus seems to be that this will be what decides the game. But what about the Seahawks offense and the Broncos defense? Nobody’s talking about them. Or at least, not like it matters.

But it DOES matter and could be the reason this might not be the close game that everyone expects . . . including everyone who bought commercial time on the game for late in the fourth quarter would the audience could be at its peak, or hitting the early exits.

Nope, the game to be over by halftime if the Bronco’s offense fails to contain running back Marshawn Lynch and roving quarterback Russell Wilson. Think about it: the Seahawks D holds Manning to a quick 3 and out early in the game and take over with good field position (the Broncos have started slowly in a number of games down the stretch.) “Don’t worry,” the experts will say, “Peyton’s just taking time to figure out the defense. He’ll be back.” But instead of their own quick 3 and out, the Seahawks grind out a long drive using Lynch and a combination of short passes and scrambles. Touchdown!

Yeah, it’s only 7-0, but the first quarter is nearly over and Denver starts to tense up. In the next series, Manning forces some passes in the cold weather he shouldn’t. Interception Seattle! The Seahawks again take a slow, grinding approach and put another 7 points on the board with the second quarter nearly halfway gone. 14-0 Seattle. But still, no time to panic, right? The Broncos have put a ton of points on the board before and they can do it again.

Another 3-and-out (or two, or three) for the Broncos and as we approach an overly-long and boring halftime show a fake punt (or some other bonehead play by Denver) results in touchdown for the Seahawks defense. 21-0 Seattle as we go into halftime.

Not possible, you say? If the Seahawks offense turns out to be better than the experts think and the Broncos defense is worse that they think, it could be a long game for fans of the Orange Crush.

Check back with me Monday to see if I called this one or not. If I’m right, you can buy me a beer. If I’m wrong you can call me out.