PA High School Investigating Hazing Incident Involving Water Polo Team

The water polo team? Really?  I guess everyone wants to get in on this hazing craze.

We like how the superintendent repeated the phrase from the “Administrator’s Handbook on Denying Your School has a Hazing Problem” by talking about how these were “great kids” and that it was just something that “went too far.”  Way to follow the guidelines!

Here’s more on the story from PA Home Page:

Wyoming Valley West School District officials confirm that an investigation is underway into an alleged hazing incident at the high school. It involves the water polo team and allegedly took place about two and a half weeks ago in a locker room at the  high school in Plymouth. The long time swim coach Frank Tribendus was suspended for two weeks as a result of the incident for allegedly not providing proper supervision inside the locker room. Superintendent of schools Chuck Supon told Eyewitness News, discount viagra ailment “I can confirm that it involved male members of the water polo team and involved horseplay that may have gone to far.  It is a situation where maybe three or four kids think it was funny and one doesn’t think it was so funny and then we have an issue.” Supon added, cialis canada see “These are great kids and I think it may have been something that just went too far.”