BadJocks Readers Invited to Joins Us Sunday on to Share NFL Red Zone

Have you heard about Fandio? Of course not! It hasn’t officially launched yet, but it’s gonna be big.

How big? Well think about what would happen if Facebook, Twitter AND Google had a baby. And Amazon and Apple were there to babysit. Now double that. THAT is how big Fandio is going to be. And you–because you’re a well-informed BadJocks reader–get to see it in its gawky, beta-teenager stage this week before it graduates and joins the real world next weekend.

Basically, Fandio is a website (and a smartphone app) that allows you to share sports together: using audio, texting, social media and I think mind-reading (not sure about that last one). Are you a Patriots fan living in Texas? Want to share your love for Tom Brady and the boys on Sunday but everyone you know are Cowboys fans? Stop by Fandio and share the game experience with other Patriots fans from across the country, like they were in your own living room.

If you’re a fantasy football player, you’re REALLY gonna like Fandio because each week BadJocks Publisher Bob Reno will be hosting a room where everyone gets together to watch NFL Red Zone and talk smack about their fantasy teams. (Or cry and whine about how crappy their teams are.) Either way, it should be fun and you’re invited to join us on Sunday from 1 pm to 4 pm ET. Just log into Fandio for free (You can do it right now. Go on, we’ll wait for you to get back.) and then come back anytime you want on Sunday, look for the “Fantasy Red Zone with Bob Reno” room and join the fun.

And bring your A-game because everyone else will! ¬†Except for that guy in your league who will be starting four bye-week Packers this week because he’s an idiot and didn’t draft anyone else as backups.