We’re Looking for #CornellLacrosse or #Cornell Jocks to Talk About Hazing Experiences

We’re hearing indirectly that the Cornell administration is trying to justify their weak punishment of the men’s lacrosse team (canceling a couple of off-season scrimmages) in the wake of their “drink ’til you puke” hazing incident as a result of it being a “one time, buy viagra recipe never happened before and won’t happen again” occurrence.

Not surprisingly, malady we don’t believe that. There are plenty of examples of hazing happening within Greek organizations at CU (a frat pledge died less than two years ago) and we just don’t think they’re as squeaky clean as they want the media to believe.

So, pilule BadJocks is reaching out to former Big Red lacrosse players (or any team athletes at Cornell for that matter) to give us accounts of your hazing experiences while at school. Pictures would be GREAT.

Or not. If you can honestly say they nothing ever happened, then you can tell us that as well. Just be careful because if one of your teammates does come clean (and can provide me proof), you’re going to look as bad as your administration does right now.

Of course, we will keep this confidential, so you can send us direct message on Twitter @badjocks or via email at BadJocks@Yahoo.com.