High School Marching Band Members Suspended Over Hazing Incident

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And it’s good for parents to know that high school hazing isn’t just limited to team sports or the debate team. Plus Mosley High (FL) has a strange looking dolphin mascot who seems to be having his way with the school’s coat-of-arms.

Mosley High mascot in happier times, loving the schools coat-of-arms.

Details from WJHG:

A handful of Mosley High School upperclassmen won’t be marching with the band at Tommy Oliver stadium during Friday’s football game with West Florida.¬†They’re sitting at home, suspended from school. Mosley administrators say they called freshmen members of the drum line into a hallway Tuesday afternoon, for a hazing ritual.

They allegedly turned off the lights, then threw drum sticks and drum mallets at the freshmen. Parents called Mosley’s band director that night, who passed it on to principal Sandy Harrison. ¬†“You know, teenagers, they do stupid stuff. They don’t think through the consequences. It could have resulted in some very harsh injuries. Thankfully it didn’t. No one was very injured,” said Mosley High School Principal, Sandy Harrison.