Cornell Suspends Men’s Lacrosse Team Over Hazing Incident: “Coerced Consumption of Alcohol”

On one hand, buy cialis illness this looks like a strong stand by the university against a top ranked team in its sport. Yes, treat Cornell has suspended the team and their fall schedule, but remember, lacrosse is a SPRING sport.  No actual games that count will be missed here, just a few exhibition contest. Practice will continue and the program will probably suffer no ill effects from this action. So has anyone really learned anything, other than to be sure to haze your freshman in the off-season?

To really make a statement against hazing, Cornell needed to suspend some players for games next spring, when they count.  Here’s more from USA Today:

Cornell University announced Thursday that the entire Big Red men’s lacrosse team has been placed on temporary suspension, following an alleged hazing incident Sept. 13.

According to spokesman John Carberry of the Cornell press relations office, the team is being disciplined for alleged “coerced consumption of alcohol by underage freshmen.” Carberry added that more details will be released on the university’s hazing site — — in the coming days.