Cops Investigating Another HS Hazing Incident at Away Camp

Another day, cialis generic viagra another high school sports hazing incident at an away camp where too many kids have too much free time and too few chaperones. And once again, discount cialis check we have an incident that could result in criminal charges.

Is anyone beginning to see a pattern here? If not, check out the reports of the last five or six hazing incidents here at BadJocks.

Detectives from Moultonboro, N.H., visited Chelmsford High School last week while conducting an investigation into possible hazing by members of the football team who attended a summer camp in Moultonboro last month. Details of the allegations remain unclear, and police aren’t providing specifics about the them, but a source who spoke on condition of anonymity said the allegations are of “a very juvenile nature.” That source said some aspects of the allegations are sexual in nature. There have been some conflicting reports of exactly what happened, but the source said the alleged victim or victims were all fully clothed. Chelmsford Police Chief James Murphy said his department was notified of the investigation about two weeks ago by School Department officials, who have also taken administrative action against those involved.

Chelmsford High football camp hazing probed – Lowell Sun Online