HS Soccer Hazing Update: Details From Somerville High Camp Incident Emerge – Raped With a Broomstick

Here’s an update from an earlier high school sports hazing incident we told you about less than two weeks ago. If the allegations are true, viagra for sale the oldest of those charged, cialis sales diagnosis  Galileo Mondol, 17, could not only face jail time if charged as an adult, but would also likely become a registered sex offender.

Remind me again why high school kids need to spend a week away from home–mostly unsupervised–to learn a sport?

If three Somerville High juniors indeed committed sexual assault at a sports camp in Western Massachusetts, Berkshire County prosecutors are right to treat the incident as an act of depravity — and not merely as a hazing ritual gone too far. At a school-organized retreat for several teams at Camp Lenox in Otis recently, three juniors on the soccer team entered a freshman cabin and attacked three players, according to authorities. Two victims managed to fight off the intruders. But one victim was raped with a broomstick, and was later observed crying and bleeding in a bathroom, prosecutors say. And the perpetrators reportedly tried to keep other students who witnessed the incident from telling anyone about it.

Rape case at Somerville High retreat raises broader questions about hazing – Editorials – The Boston Globe