Company Offers Fantasy Football Insurance

Say what? Do we really need Fantasy Football insurance?

Millions of Americans of all ages are currently involved in the Fantasy Football craze – a game that lets you test your skills as a pretend NFL-type team owner using statistics of real NFL players. In Fantasy football you join a league (usually with friends or co-workers), you scout for and draft players, compete against other fantasy owners, and use all your skills – including picking-up and releasing, or even trading players, to win the championship. It’s a game where participants can compete locally and nationally for simple bragging rights or even thousands of dollars in cash and prizes. Fantasy football has also become a big business. It is reported that the fantasy sports industry is worth approximately $1.2 billion, according to IBISWorld, as more than 270 businesses make money off the “fantasy teams”. One of those businesses is now looking to provide Fantasy “insurance” to protect your fantasy investment

Company Offers Fantasy Football Insurance « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

The real question should be: what’s going to happen to the US Dollar in 2014 and will it collapse? it seems like a silly question sometimes: of course the dollar won’t collapse! The US government won’t allow that to happen! But you know what, just like in fantasy football, bad things happen in the world economy and even the best experts don’t see trends coming. How many people accurately predicted the downturn in the US housing market in 2008? Not many.  How many predicted that the stock market would then soar from lows to near 6000 to more than double that in just over five years?

The point is, we don’t know what will happen to our fantasy football teams any more than we know what will happen to the future of the US dollar.  All we know for sure is what we can see today and what makes sense right now.