Drunk Iowa Coed Runs Onto Field During Game, Gets Arrested, Blows 0.341% BAC, Happily Tweets About It – Samantha Lynne Goudie

Oh, Samantha Lynne Goudie, you young drunk you!  Yes, drinking in college is expected and getting drunk at college football games is a time-honored tradition.

Drunkenly running onto the field during the game? Not so much.

Getting arrested and blowing a 0.341% blood alcohol concentration from jail? Now you’re in pretty rare territory, honey.

Then, happily Tweeting about it and boasting about your “accomplishment?”  Just be sure to put it on your resume when you go look for that first job.

A drunk college student arrested for invading the pitch during a game of American football match tweeted about her drunken antics from her police cell. Samantha Lynne Goudie, 22, was found to have a blood alcohol reading of 0.341 – four times the drink drive limit – when she was arrested during the match. She had been watching the clash between Northern Illinois and Iowa at Kinnick Stadium, Iowa, when she leaped over the barrier and tried to run onto the field, according to the police report. Match stewards pounced and handed her over to police who took her to the station and offered her a breathalyzer test. ‘@vodka_samm’: Samantha Goudie, 22, was charged with public intoxication on Saturday after police found her blood to be a third alcohol. Her Twitter handle is @vodka_samm Noting that she appeared ‘unsteady on her feet’, officers could scarcely believe the meter when it flashed a reading more than four times over the 0.08BAC drink driving limit. Her drunken antics would have largely passed unnoticed were it not for the fact that Goudie kept friends and family – and the rest of the world – posted throughout the evening with regular updates on Twitter.

Under the handle @vodka_samm, she began with a tweet from her police cell at 9.33pm, which read: ‘Just went to jail. #yolo’  

An hour later she tweeted: ‘Blew a .341 in jail.’

Samantha Lynne Goudie arrest: college student defiant after .341 blood alcohol reading | Mail Online