Entire Towson University Cheerleading Squad Suspended Over Hazing Allegations

And not just suspended for a couple of days like in high school.  TU suspended the entire squad for a hazing incident that involved 10 incoming freshmen girls.

No details are available yet about the incident, viagra sales viagra but Towson has a zero tolerence policy toward hazing and, best cialis viagra as far as we know, this is the first time they have had to cancelled a team’s season for voilating that policy.

The cheerleading team is suspended this academic year for hazing. Pat Warren reports on the consequences for what team members are accused of doing. The hazing incident was reported early this August. The university is not naming names and not telling exactly what happened, but it does a zero tolerance policy on hazing. Cheering a team onto victory can be as much a sport as the game itself. But the Towson University cheerleading team is suspended for the year for hazing. “I think it’s really important for our students to understand that hazing is not tolerated on this campus,” said Jana Varwig, Vice President, student affairs. The complaint involves veteran cheerleaders hazing newcomers. Some students winding up the week on campus consider the suspension extreme.

Zero Tolerance: Towson University Suspends Cheerleading Team For Hazing « CBS Baltimore