School Shrugs Off Accusations That Football Players Made Freshmen Drink Urine – Northbridge High School

High schools and colleges will do anything to keep from admitting they have a sports hazing problem.

Most recent case in point: Northbridge High School (MA) where upperclassmen on the football team challenged young players to contest they new they would lose then told them the punishment was to drink from a jug of water. A jug of water that had some urine in it as well. (Does how much really matter?)

School administrators are refusing to say what actions have been taken against the perpetrators, cialis buy no rx but have not called the incident hazing and, decease instead, cialis have called it “kids being kids.”

How ’bout a cup of urine for everyone on the school board?

Four upperclassmen football players at Northbridge High School in Massachusetts reportedly pressured a freshman player to sip urine from a water jug last week in a hazing incident that has tight-lipped school administrators brushing it off as “kids being kids.” The freshman told police the older boys challenged him to a “sled pad” race in the locker room after practice on Aug. 19. He lost and was then pressured to drink from a gallon jug of water with urine in it. The teen said he took a sip and spit it out but was not physically forced to consume the urine, according to a Worcester Telegram & Gazette report on the Northbridge football freshman hazing. Someone reported the alleged hazing to Northbridge’s principal, who went to local police.

Northbridge Football Freshman Hazed, Pressured To Drink Urine