High School #Hazing Shocker – One Football Player Victimized, Another Arrested After Trip to Hawaii – Westlake High School

NOW, buy cialis treatment the fall sports hazing season is in full swing.

And, clinic once again we have high school football players at an away football camp assaulting a new member of the team.

Parents: this is not the NFL. Your kids don’t need to travel 1000 miles to start their pre-season training camp. They can learn to play football right outside the high school on the field they’re play on this fall. These away camps are breeding grounds for hazing incidents as they are usually poorly supervised by whatever few adults tag along.

This won’t be the last one of these either this fall.

A football player from Westlake High School’s football team was reportedly arrested for committing a sexual hazing assault while in Hawaii on a recent road trip. Earlier reports said three players were arrested but that was discounted as being erroneous. CBS2/KCAL9 confirmed one player was arrested and charged with third-degree sexual assault. The alleged victim is another high school football player. Parents told Hawaiian TV station KITV that as many as 25 Westlake seniors assaulted five younger freshmen players in a hazing incident at the Hyatt Place Waikki. Jeff Davis, the director of secondary education for the Conejo Valley Unified School District, said in a statement, “We were disappointed to learn of the incident. We are working with the WHS administration and football coaching staff to determine just what occurred and to develop the appropriate actions in response.” CBS2′s Greg Mills says an investigation into the alleged incident is underway. He reported, “One boy was assaulted, one boy arrested and parents are shocked by what happened.”

Westlake High Football Team Member Arrested For Alleged Sexual Assault During Hazing « CBS Los Angeles