TMZ – Khloe Kardashian Threw Lamar Odom Out of House for Refusing to Give Up Crack

Either TMZ has gone off the rails on this one or the Kardashian reality TV empire is about to get a major boost in ratings this season.

Anyone wonder what the ratings would be for a live intervention with and NBA player?

Lamar Odom has been deep into crack cocaine for at least 2 years … TMZ has learned.  TMZ broke the story … Lamar has gone off the rails with drug use … which is the principal cause of the crisis in his marriage to Khloe Kardashian.  As we reported Lamar went to a rehab facility a year ago this month and stayed for 3 weeks before bailing — and we’re told the problem was crack. Sources say Lamar’s crack use was extreme before he went to rehab, but he cleaned up his act during the basketball season that just ended.  Sources say shortly after he hung up his jersey, he started again with a bang. As we reported … Khloe threw Lamar out of the house a few days ago after he rejected an attempt at an intervention.

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