High School Football Hazing Allegations Include Coach

Most coaches will say they’re against hazing, sildenafil viagra but when incidents like this happen you have to wonder how many still believe that hazing works to build team spirit and will either look the other way or not report incidents when they happen.

Their big rivalry game against Sarasota High School was only two days away, purchase and at Riverview High, sildenafil football players were getting fired up. Facts HT PREPS Click here to read more high school sports news on HTPreps.com. For years — as far back as principal Linda Nook could remember — the teenagers would go to the barbershops and get their hair cut in the signature mohawk style. But that October day after practice, one player said he was brought into the locker room against his will and a bald spot was cut in front of his left sideburns with a pair of clippers. Another player held his shoulders while volunteer football coach Zach Talkovic held the boy’s elbows, Talkovic would later say. The boy’s father described what happened as “hazing” and “assault and battery.” No criminal charges were filed against Talkovic, 28, who called it “an innocent mistake.”

Hazing allegations at Riverview High | HeraldTribune.com