Say It Ain’t So: RG3 Involved in Sexting Scandal With Hooters Waitress?

Take one hot blonde Hooters waitress, discount cialis patient add a high profile NFL quarterback who JUST GOT MARRIED, buy viagra and add a dash of inappropriate sexting and you have all the makings of a world class scandal . . . assuming it’s all true, of course.

You can see the pictures and read the full story from our friends at (We wouldn’t be surprised if TMZ Sports is all over this soon.) The real question is: who’s going to pay big money for pics of RG3’s weiner?

Merdith Barber, a self-professed Redskins fan, is the VCU student who posted texts she says came from RG3 on his wedding day (July 6). She contacted us yesterday to clarify some information in our Sunday post and eventually went into saleswoman mode to get us to buy what she says are “inappropriate” photos RG3 sent to her. A wild negotiation started via email and @Mere__eventually broke off the conversation when our offer of $500, for everything but the dick pics, wasn’t to her liking.

Meredith Barber, RG3′s Wedding Day Texting Buddy, Tries To Sell Photos