Daily Blast: June 5, 2013

Where has the week gone already?

I don’t often cross promote my other site, viagra canada shop HoaxAndConspiracyVideos.com, but I have a new JFK Assassination Conspiracy video you have to see. A bunch of high school kids re-created scenes between Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio to come up with the crazy conspiracy theory that the Yankee Clipper had JFK whacked. The re-creation of the assassination scene in Dallas (about 6:45 in) is priceless . . . as is the “Marilyn” with long black hair. It’s so awful it’s great.

So, the “Steroid Era” of Baseball Is NOT Over? At Least 20 MLB Players Could be Suspended for Performance Enhancing Drugs as a REsult of a Report on ESPN’s “Outside the Lines”  –  Biogenesis Lab founder Anthony Bosch is expected to reveal the names of, and provide documentation about, players who bought performance enhancing drugs from his clinic. Among the big names who could be suspended are Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez and Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun, both former Most Valuable Players.

Female HS Track Coach, 39, Arrested for Having Sex With Boy, 17, Who Was on Team

Say What? Senior High School Cheerleader Turns Pimp, Sells Out Younger Member of Squad for Cash as Prostitute


High School Coach Sex Scandal: Soccer Coach Accused of Starting Relationship With Female Player, 16, After She Suffered a Concussion During Game