Daily Blast: May 24, 2013

Former MLB Star Jose Canseco Accused of Sexual Assault in Las Vegas

Members of the Evanston Township High School (outside Chicago) Disciplined After Girls Sent Them “Inappropriate Photos” on Their Cell Phones – Of course, shop being teenaged boys they then forwarded the nude and semi-nude pictures to everyone they knew. As a result, site the school forfeited a state playoff tournament game.

CA HS Soccer Players Sentenced for Role in Hazing – No specifics, ask but some of the attackers–who used a javelin and a broken flagpole to sodomize younger players–got probation while others will serve some time in a juvenile camp.

Soccer Player Scores Goal, Strips Off Shorts to Celebrate, Gets Red Card – Yeah, that’ll happen.

Video: Why Johnny Manziel will transfer