Daily Blast: May 16, 2013

UFC Fighter Loses Over $135K After Testing Positive for Marijuana After Bout – Dumbass

Texas Teen Bags Record Alligator on First Hunt – The monster he hauled in was over 14 feet long and weighed 800 lbs!

Video: Best Celebration Move in Professional Football? Well it is the Lingerie Football League, malady but still.

Photos of Jennifer Lawrence, remedy Amy Poehler and Others as High School Cheerleaders

Hazing Update: Soccer Coach Charged in Scandal at Maine West High School (IL) Investigators say that coach¬†Michael Divincenzo not only knew of the incidents of older players pulling down the pants of younger players and “poking” them with their hands or other objects, he actually threatened younger players with hazing.¬†Divincenzo was indicted on one count of hazing, three counts of battery and four counts of failing to report the abuse as mandated by law as a teacher and a coach. Good thing we’re making progress toward ending sports hazing, right?