Daily Blast: May 15, 2013

Umpire, cialis canada pills 49, sildenafil ailment at High School Baseball Game Passed Out Drunk After First Inning – And to top things off, salve when paramedics were called to aid him, the ump, Daryl Jacobson, 49 fought with them, resisted arrested and eventually had to be tasered by the cops. What fun Friday night in Illinois!

Parents Behaving Badly: Teen Baseball Player Does Drills Wrong, Teammates Dad Comes Out of Stands and Allegedly Assaults Him – And it all happened at the practice for a baseball league sponsored by a local church.

Eagles RB LeSean McCoy Accused of Assaulting Woman on Party Bus

High School Football Star Turns Down Scholarship From Michigan State, Decides to Become Professional Rapper Instead – The real question is: did he quit to make this slightly offensive rap video (which shows him apparently smoking week and singing about sex), or did the slightly offensive rap video cause MSU to help him decide to quit?