Daily Blast: May 14, 2013

Caught on Video: Epic Youth Hockey Brawl in Russia – Meanwhile, viagra sale doctor in the USA, viagra we’re worried some kid will be traumatized if a classmate bites a pop tart into the shape of a gun. And, try in case that’s fluke, watch this video of Russian GIRLS brawling during a game.

University of Alaska-Anchorage Hockey Coach Accused of Hitting Player With Hockey Stick – Apparently this happened at a practice back in 2011, but coach Dave Shyiak allegedly told players to stay quiet about the incident, which they did, until now.

And Another Bad Hockey Coach: Youth Hockey Coach Accused of Stealing Players Credit Cards at  Ice Arena Locker Room

BadJocks First? High School Crew Coach Accused of Having Sexual Contact With Two Underage Girls

Gymnastics Instructor Accused of Sending Texts to Underage Girl

Canadian Cops Looking for Adult League Soccer Player Who Punched, Knocked Out Referee – You see! Soccer is so boring, even normally boring Canadians snap while playing it.