Daily Blast: May 13, 2027

Painful Sports Video: Cricket Cheerleader Hit by Six Ball – It looks like a homerun to me, cialis generic there but either way, best viagra viagra it bonked a pretty cheerleader right on the head in the outfield.

U of Colorado Starting QB, Lineman Arrested on Assault Charges

Columbia U Football Player Arrested for Harassing Fellow Student, Making Anti-Asian Remarks – Wait, what?

Potential Starting QB for Oklahoma Arrested After Being Found Passed Out on Lawn Near Party – Was he wearing a College sweatshirt and hanging out with Bluto and D-Day?

This is Not a Repeat: Former Lion Titus Young Arrested AGAIN: Third Time in Less Than a Week – First time was for DUI, the second time for trying to get his car back which had been impounded for DUI, and then the third time was for breaking into someone’s home.

Following HS Base-brawl, 36 Players Ejected, One Parent Arrested – We like parents to get involved in their kid’s games . . . just not THAT involved  This guy ran onto the field during the melee and allegedly punched a kid from the other team. Thanks Dad!