Daily Blast: May 1, 2013

“Chunky Cheerleader” Update – Yesterday we posted a story about the awful article on the Houston CBS website about a cheerleader for the Oklahoma City Thunder that the blogger thought was too chunky to wear her skimpy outfit. According to a report today, for sale “a CBS Sports Radio digital content manager has been let go from the station.” Our long national nightmare is over.

Now, healing to more important news . . .

Jaguars Justin Blackmon Suspended for Four Games for Violating NFL’s Substance-Abuse Policy –  And, it’s emphasized in this story that it’s NOT for performance enhancing drugs, aka steroids. Dude! It’s Blackmon’s third substance-related incident in less than three years.

Video: Warriors Steph Currier and Nuggets Fan Get Into It – Hard to really see much here, but it makes for a good headline.

And, only because it will make give ESPN something to do over the next month: Tim Tebow Becomes a Free Agent – You always have a job writing for us Timmy! (He can write, right?)

Is this “The Ultimate Mascot FAIL Compilation?”  If not, it’s pretty close.