Daily Blast: April 30, 2013

Okay, viagra usa cialis sale here we are again, making changes to the website.


Hopefully we’ve got it pegged this time, but we’ll see about that. I’v decided to try and go back to what I was doing when I started this site 13 years ago: link to news stories of bad jocks.


While the blogging format is great, most of the stories we come across don’t deserve an entire post. Most barely deserve a link. If we DO find something worthy of a single post we’ll give it a Special Update designation. Otherwise we will just do a Daily Blast of links we find interesting.

Early on, a reviewer criticized this site has having “one link piled on top of each other in no apparent order.” Exactly.

So if you’re looking for long commentary and analysis, you’ve come to the wrong place. This site is for those with a sense of humor and short attention span.

You’re welcome. And now to the random links.

Shocking: ESPN’s Skip Bayless still defending Tim Tebow. Marry him already Skip! Watch the video here.

HS Coach Sex Scandal in NJ – High school track coach scores a triple play, gets fired following allegations he “accessed pornographic material on his school-issued computer, made inappropriate comments to female student athletes and engaged in inappropriate conduct.” When did he have time to coach?

HS Coach Sex Scandal in FL – What, you thought there would be only one today? Where have you been? This guy got in trouble when he allegedly solicited sex from one high school girl when then compared notes with a second girl who he had also–allegedly–tried to get sex from. The only thing worse that a woman scorned is two women scorned.

Hazing Update: HS Baseball Coach Takes Leave of Absence Over “Biting” Hazing Incident – And no, we are not saying that the story was “biting” in terms of how important it was. No, this is literally a  hazing incident on a baseball team that involved one player biting another as part of a team initiation. Nothing says “I want to be your teammate” like teethmarks on you body. A new low for sports hazing.

OKC Thunder Cheerleader Kelsey Williams

And finally . . . The “Chunky Cheerleader” Story continues to get traction – Two things to note here: if you’re going to make fun of an NBA cheerleader for being overweight, please look in the mirror first. And second, even if we all look at some young lady and think she might be a little heavier than your average stick thin cheerleader, for God’s sake don’t put it writing. At right, Kelsey Williams of the Oklahoma City Thunder.