Oops! Tampa Bay Rays Forced to Apologize for Offensive Sign Held Up By Mascot

Some people humor meters are just out of whack . . . or maybe they never had them to begin with.

Take Raymond Ray, viagra view the mascot of the Tamp Bay Rays of MLB. He was spotted with this sign at a game the other night.

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Here’s more from USA Today:

Most of the time, professional sports mascots are bastions of benevolence, distributing T-shirts and hot dogs to the crowd via cannons, leading fans in cheers, and maintaining cheery outlooks even in the longest and most depressing of games. But every now and then, a frustrated mascot can act like a real jerk. Take Raymond Ray, the Tampa Bay Rays’ blue flurry cheerleader identified by the team’s website as a Canus Manta Whatthefluffalus, or seadog. Raymond purports to love kids more than anything, but in the throes of the team’s long, back-and-forth affair with the Baltimore Orioles on Wednesday night, Raymond was caught holding up a sign that was anything but family-friendly.

Tampa Bay Rays apologize for mascot holding offensive sign