Granny, 74, Banned From Rugby Sidelines for Abusing Officials, Rival Players

We’ve covered a lot of fans behaving badly in the past, but never anyone this old and seemingly harmless. But Lillian Mort, 74, is anything but harmless when it comes to her sideline antics at her local ruby team in Bridgend, South Wales in the UK. She is such a monster that she has now bee banned for three months from attending any other games.

The final straw?When Lillian was accused of abusing committee members after being refused the use of beer tokens given to her by player grandson.

Don’t mess with granny’s free beers!

White-haired Lillian Mort, 74, is accused of standing on the touchline to abuse referees and rival players. Battling Lillian was finally given a red card – for trying to spend beer tokens handed out to players for a drink after a match. Lillian was banned for three months after supporting Pyle RFC for the last 50 years. The ban will stop Lillian from watching matches and having a drink at the club near Bridgend, South Wales. Lillian said: “I feel terrible – I’ve been going to watch games since I was in my 30s.

Gran banned from local rugby club following row | The Sun |News