Video: Virginia Tech Receiver Marcus Davis Really, Really Doesn’t Like Blocking

Okay, not every wide receiver in college loves to run down field and try to knock down an opposing defensive back . . . but Marcus “But I Might Get My Uniform Dirty!” Davis of Virginia Tech takes this contact avoidance to a new low.  Just watch him in the video clip below of him against Florida State and see how often he not only misses making a block, he appears to be purposely running AWAY from any contact.  Are the VT coaches not watching their own film on this guy?

More from Deadspin:

In the above compilation of last Thursday’s Florida State-Virginia Tech game, Virginia Tech receiver Marcus Davis (wearing the No. 7 jersey, and highlighted with a white arrow in the video) seems to not agree with the concept of blocking for his teammates. Maybe it’s a diffusion of responsibility (Eh, there are nine other dudes. One of them can get that guy), but Davis does not make any effort to contribute as his offense tries to grind out a few more yards. He ended up only catching two passes for 68 yards as the Hokies lost, 28-22.