Division III College Golf Coach Goes on F-Bomb Rant During Bus Ride Home, Later Gets Fired – Matt Mahanic

From the guys over at DeadSpin.com: a Division III golf coach at Huntingdon College, a Methodist school in Montgomery, Ala., goes on one of the longest profanity rants we’ve ever heard. Not that we’ve heard a lot, but you know, some. Hey, what kind of profanity we hear is not the point here: this f*cking coach is at a Christian school and he probably just set a record for F-bombs per minute.

Click on the link to hear the whole thing that was secretly recorded by one of the players on the team, but here are some of our favorites here at BadJocks:

“We f*cking don’t deserve shit. F*cking—we haven’t broke 300 all year. Four f*cking chances in nice weather, and we haven’t broken 300 yet. F*ck me.”

“I don’t want to hear a f*cking word out of anybody until we get back to Kentucky[?]. Put your f*cking headphones on, go to sleep, I don’t give a shit. I had to watch you play golf for the last 54 f*cking holes. Please do not let me hear your f*cking voice right now.”

“I gotta f*cking go up there and watch that bullshit you four call golf! Like watching f*cking paint dry! My dad looked and me and said, ‘Why the f*ck are you recruiting these kids?'”