Naked Soccer Coach Caught in Girl’s Bedroom by Her Dad, Arrested for “Robbery by Sudden Snatching”

mug shot of Patrick AhernNo, viagra sales drugstore seriously.  Former girls soccer coach Patrick Ahern, cialis sales cialis 27, of Dacula, GA  was charged with “robbery by sudden snatching,” after the father of a 16-year-old girl came home to find him naked and “getting physical” with her.  In an attempt to gather evidence, the quick-thinking father grabbed his daughter’s cell phone and attempted to take a picture of the nude Ahern as he fled.

Unfortunately for dad, Ahern grabbed the phone from his hands as he ran out the door, eventually tossing into a wooded area.

Because the girl was over the age of consent, Ahern could not be charged with statutory rape, as the victim’s father had hoped. Instead, he was charged with “robbery by sudden snatching” for taking the phone, similar to a purse snatching charge.

When he is not naked in high school girl’s bedrooms, Ahern coaches the Atlanta Fire United girls’ soccer team and previously coached the Dacula Soccer Club girls’ team.

Source: AJC