Video: “Drunk”, Shirtless Fan Walks Onto Field, Wants to Play Football

Usually football game “streakers” just want to run on, viagra viagra and then off, the field as quickly as possible to get their 15 minutes of fame. Not this guy. He’s just walking around shirtless, picks up the game ball, and then, well, watch the video to see what happens next. Hard to tell from the video if this guy is drunk, stoned or just crazy, but he does put up quite a fight.

Story from the Modesto Bee below the video.

Drunk Guy Tries To Play Football, Gets SACKED – Watch More Funny Videos

Placer High School won the football game, but all the buzz is about the bone-crunching tackle an off-duty Placer County sheriff’s lieutenant made on a shirtless spectator who interrupted the game. ┬áThe well-built Patrick Hurley, 25, walked onto the field during the second quarter of Friday’s game at Colfax High School. Shirtless and with his pants hanging dangerously low, Hurley carried a bottle of white liquid that he poured out before throwing it menacingly toward the officials.

A video of the incident shows Hurley picking up the game ball before he is tackled from behind by Troy Minton-Sander, a former player for Placer High and father of a current team member, Stone Sander.