Father Threatens to Kill Volleyball Coach, Rape Family After His Daughter is Benched – John Kasik

At BadJocks, we always applaud parents who get involved in their children’s lives and support their athletic efforts. But John Kasik, 61, of suburban Chicago may have gone a bit too far. Just a tad.

As we understand it, Kasik has a couple of daughters who play for the girls volleyball team at Lisle High School. At recent match, the coach/Athletic Director Dan Dillard pulled one of his daughters during a game and replace her with her sister. For some reason, Kasik disliked that move and let the coach know it. In fact, he allegedly followed Dillard home, pulling up along side his car at one point to yet at him on the road, then once at Dillard’s home, Kasik reportedly said he would kill the official if his distraught daughter “didn’t make it through the night.” To make sure his point was made, Kasik then repeatedly called and texted Dillard for the rest of the evening, at one point suggesting that he would rape Dillard’s wife and daughter.

Now THAT’S how to get a coach’s attention! Despite the threats though, Dillard offered to meet with Kasik at his office the following day and–not surprisingly–that did not go well either, with the coach claiming the irate father refused to let him leave the office and bumped him.

Not surprisingly, Kasik has now been charged with felony telephone harassment and misdemeanor counts of battery and disorderly conduct.

UPDATE: According to one source Kasik should know better: he coached varsity boys volleyball at Oak Park and River Forest High School from 1992 to 2005 and led the Huskies to three Illinois High School Association state finals appearances.

Source: Daily Herald