Video: UC Santa Barbara Soccer Player Taken Off Field in Handcuffs After Pushing Referee

And that was just the start of the fun.

First, the Gauchos lost to rival UC Davis 2-1, and after the match the coach and several players were arguing with the referees when player  Peter “Don’t Call Me McGruff” McGlynn decided to get the attention of the referee by shoving him from behind and knocking him to the ground (although it looks like the ref took a bit of a dive there, but whatevs). That led to McGlynn’s arrest and being lead off the field in handcuffs. Following the match, UCSB cut McGlynn from the team, suspended coach Tim Vom Steeg and then removed the soccer team from any post-season play.

The worst part? Now UCSB alum/radio host Jim Rome will spend most of today’s show talking about this incident–errrr–sporting event.

Losing a soccer match to your rival? That is NOT a reason to GO.