BadJocks Update: Source Says Disgraced Bengals Cheerleader Sarah Jones to Get Reality Show

Radar Online is reporting that Sarah Jones, viagra viagra the former married Kentucky high school teacher/Cincinnati Ben-Gals cheerleader is going to get her own reality show on the Oxygen Channel.

For those of you who haven’t seen it, viagra buy see Jones did an exclusive interview last Friday night with NBC Dateline in which she first lied to them about her affair with 18-year-old Cody York, then admitted in court that she was having sex with the boy and stunned onlookers by walking out of court hand-in-hand with the boy.  When asked in a second interview why she lied earlier to the reporter, Jones replied (and I’m paraphrasing) “I’m in the middle of a court case. I couldn’t tell you the truth.”  Then why agree to the interview unless, of course, the plan was to start that reality show and use Dateline to create the pilot for you? Ohhhh . . . .

You can watch all the Dateline interviews here, but below is the piece showing when cops surprised Jones and showed the thousands of naughty sexts between her and Cody. Both her and her mother’s responses are priceless: Sarah because she just lied to the cops about her relationship and can’t believe they somehow obtained the texts, and her mom because she immediately shuts the interrogation down and calls a lawyer because she thinks the evidence is fake.

Lest you think that Jones’ life will be too boring from now on: she does plan to divorce her husband, start dating young Cody, and she still has a multi-million dollar lawsuit pending against the publisher of the website over a report back in 2009 that she got STDs after having sex with the entire Bengals team. She also claims that’s untrue as well, just like her affair with an underage male student.

Obviously, someone at Oxygen thinks there’s an audience who will watch this oncoming train wreck.

Source: Radar Online