Miami-FSU “Streaker” Tackled Hard After Interrupting Game

Usually sports streakers wait until their is a time-out, viagra sale ampoule half time, or some other stoppage in play before running out onto the field. And really, this guy is less of a streaker than a dumbass fan who actually runs onto the field during play in Saturday’s Miami v. Florida State game.  He starts about mid-field, heads toward the end zone, takes his shirt off, manages to elude one security guy before being slammed to the ground by another. We have two videos of the incident, both taken by fans in the stands as the network TV crews always cut away from this kind of action.

The first video shows the incident in its entirety. The second video also shows some of the action, but also shows the tackling security guard getting congratulated on the awesome hit by his co-workers.

Nothing like a job well done, eh?

At least he wasn’t naked.