Tubby Smith’s Son, an Assistant Coach at U of Minnesota, Arrested for DWI, Put on Leave – Saul Smith

After the phrase “when the truth comes out” (it never does) or next favorite sports/crime phrase has to be “we do not want to rush to judgment.”

As in, “we know it LOOKS like the guy on our team did something really, really awful, it was caught on camera, and there are 100 witnesses, but let the legal process take its sweet time and hopefully your outrage will have faded in the meantime or you will have found another shiny object to fixate on.” So please, don’t think badly of our program and stop spending your cash on us.

In this case, the plea for us to “not rush to judgement” comes from the University of Minnesota men’s basketball team after an assistant coach, and the son of head coach Tubby Smith, was arrested for DWI was pulled over at 2:20 am early Saturday morning after cops spotted him speeding on a highway and driving on the shoulder. Okay, so maybe there is a logical explanation for that, right?

Maybe, but young Saul Smith also blew a 0.18% BAC, more than twice the legal limit of 0.08%.  Not enough to get him into our World Famous BadJocks BAC Rankings (you need a 0.23% or higher these days) but if Mr. Smith is around 200 lbs, that means–according to our chart–he had to have consumed about 10 drinks in the hour before his arrest to get a BAC in that range.

Yes, we do always have to let the legal process work its way out, and the school has put Coach Smith on unpaid leave, but please don’t try and make us feel like he guy was framed or there is some other explanation for this behavior. It certainly appears the he had quite a bit to drink and got behind the wheel.

Source: Star Tribune