Treasurer of Cheerleading Club Scammed Out of Nearly $10K by “Boyfriend” in Ghana

Susan Loberto, 50, of Audubon, NJ thought she had met the man of her dreams on the dating website  The only problem? She lived in New Jersey and he was stuck in Africa trying to finish a construction project . . . but he couldn’t access his US bank account. Could she help and send him few bucks so he could finish the project and come back to the States to be with her?

Sure.  But where would Loberto get the money? Her “boyfriend” needed thousands in cash–now!

So, Loberto did whatever any love-lorn middle-aged woman would do: she allegedly embezzled the money from a middle school group she served as treasurer for, the Oaklyn Cats Cheerleading Club. Besides, he’d pay her back as soon as the project was done and he was back home, right?

As you might have guessed by now Ms. Loberto’s boyfriend wasn’t just visiting Africa, he was FROM Africa, specifically Ghana, and the she is never going to see that money again. She now faces fraud charges.