Husband of Cheerleader Sarah Jones Declares “She is Scum and Should Have Been Locked Up”

Have you been following the story of Sarah Jones, generic viagra ambulance the former Ben-Gals cheerleader/high school teacher who plead guilty this week to having a relationship with a 17-year-old male student? Like some of you, viagra generic buy cialis I thought I recalled her being married to her high school sweetheart and him supporting her when the charges came out. But there was no husband in court with her this week and, according to media reports, she walked out of court hand-in-hand with her now 18-year-old boy toy. So I thought, maybe I am confusing her with some other female coach or teacher sex scandal, ’cause there are so many these days.


Turns out my memory is correct and now Jones’ poor husband, Nathan Wilburn, is speaking out. Not to go into a lot of detail, but he and Jones WERE high school sweethearts that flew down to Disney World in 2010 to get engaged, got married in 2011, and then shortly thereafter (months maybe?) the allegations of the affair with one of here students emerged. According to Wilburn, Jones swore it wasn’t true and he expected the truth to come out in court. That is, until a few days before the former Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader was to go to try and she called to inform her still faithful husband that she was going to plead guilty . . . but only to cover for her co-conspirator mother.  And, at first, Wilburn believed that . . . until he saw the TV footage of his wife walking out of the courtroom.


Here’s more from the UK Daily Mail:

Sitting at the kitchen table in the ranch-style home of his grandparents, who have brought him up since he was a baby, Nathan can barely keep a lid on the storm of anger, disbelief and humiliation that is tearing him apart inside.   As he stares at a photo of their wedding day he says sarcastically: ‘That was supposed to be happiest day of our lives.’  The young man struggles to find the right words to describe the scale of the betrayal, often lapsing into silences.

‘She is a sexual predator and should have been locked up for what she did. Teachers do not have sex with their students,’ said Nathan, 26.  ‘She was in a position of authority and abused it. She abused that boy. ‘If I were a teacher and had an affair with a teenage girl I would be looking at prison time. There is no justice there. It is just wrong.’

Nathan remembers vividly when he first found out about that his wife was being investigated for having sex with the student, who she had been tutoring since 2008, in November 2011.   ‘It was another phone call from Sarah. She was crying and saying it was all lies, that she didn’t sleep with one of her students. She made out that people who were jealous of her as a cheerleader with the Bengals were spreading the lies.

‘I really wanted to believe her. What husband wants to think their wife is going behind their back for sex with someone else? She just kept saying: “Nathan, it’s not true. They are all lies. They are just rumors”.’ And the lies continued and his belief in her did too, even when prosecutors said the sexual affair had began while she was still married. ‘We had been together since I was 14-years-old. She even swore under oath that I was the only man she had slept with,’ said Nathan. ‘I thought I knew the real Sarah, but obviously I didn’t.’

In July 2010, Nathan and Sarah flew to Disneyland in California where he got down on one knee and proposed.  Although Nathan and his wife separated after just six weeks of marriage at the end of August last year, they remained close friends and spoke on the phone at least twice a week. ‘Then for her to turn round and admit sleeping with her student is like being kicked in the gut.

‘It just shows what a conniving liar she is.’