“Noose Around Neck” Hazing Incident on High School Football Team Leads to Five Suspensions, Possible Expulsions

Is this a case of some teen-aged boys just messing around, cialis pills or are there darker motives behind this incident? The Mid-South school board in Wynne, Arkansas will have to sort that out, but needless to say it’s an ugly incident.

A hazing incident possibly involving a noose is being brought up in front of a Mid-South school board.  School leaders in Wynne, Arkansas are talking about whether to expel two junior varsity football players. Family members of a 14-year-old African-American JV football player claim a noose was placed around his neck in the locker room last week by white students. The alleged incident is bringing unwanted attention to the close knit community and it resulted in a special school board meeting Wednesday night.

“I plan on making a public statement after the expulsion hearings,” said Superintendent Carl Easley. “It’s talking about the incident that occurred on September 24.”  School leaders acknowledge that some sort of hazing incident occurred but they have not gone into detail about it.

Source: KAIT 8