College Football Player Arrested Hours Before Charity Game at Soldier Field

On the plus side, tadalafil here when Kentucky State quarterback Martez “How You Doin’? James was arrested in front of his coach after making unwanted advances towards a hotel housekeeper just hours before he was supposed to play.

Twenty-two-year-old Martez James was arrested Saturday morning.  James has been the starting quarterback all season for the Kentucky State Thorobreds. They were in Chicago to play in the annual “Chicago Classic” college game at Soldier Field, treat a scholarship fundraising event this year focused on curbing violence.

But, in an embarrassing pre-game encounter, the Kentucky State quarterback was arrested after police say he went after a maid at the team hotel.  When Mayor Rahm Emanuel did the ceremonial coin flip just before kickoff on Saturday afternoon, almost no one at Soldier Field knew what had happened just a few hours earlier at the Kentucky State team hotel.

Quarterback Martez James, a blue chip, 220-pound senior from Detroit, had been arrested by Chicago police after a 911 call from the Hyatt McCormick Place where the Thorobreds players and staff were staying.  Chicago police say, about 10 a.m., James past a hotel housekeeper in the hallway on the sixth floor, and asked, “Can I have five minutes of your time?” The “victim ignored offender,” according to investigators, and “proceded (sic) to room 605.” Then the “offender entered room 605,” she told police.

According to the police report obtained by the I-Team, James repeated the question, “Can I have five minutes of your time?” Sex crimes detectives say he then “approached her from rear and pressed the front of his body against the back of her body.”  

James was charged with battery for allegedly making physical contact with a victim.  At the Hyatt McCormick Place, the team’s athletic director and football coach were both present during the arrest. James did not play in the game at Soldier Field, but at this point officials at the Frankfort, Kentu