Four HS Soccer Player Arrested for Allegedly Hazing Teammates With . . . a Javelin?

Really? A javelin? Who thinks that shoving a sharp metal pole up someone else’s behind will bring you closer as teammates?

Apparently four soccer players at La Puente High School in Southern California who have now been arrested on hazing allegations, generic cialis ailment while their coach placed on paid administrative leave because there are indications he knew and/or encouraged the acts. The school district is also being sued based on victims claims that the administration attempted to cover up the incident.

Here’s more from Fox News:

Three of the alleged victims have hired an attorney and are planning to sue the school district. Another victim may join the suit. Two of them claim they were sodomized inside the soccer storage room as part of a hazing ritual after making the varsity team. A third victim says he was able to fend off the attackers.

“A lawsuit is the only way to get any leverage over the school district and to force it change its ways, viagra sale ” said attorney Brian Claypool, who also represents dozens of parents in the Miramonte Elementary School case, where a teacher is accused of molesting students.

Claypool claimed two 14-year-old boys were “jumped” and then penetrated with a “javelin-like object” while a third, 15, “fought for his life” and managed to grab the pole away from his attackers, the LA Times said. The alleged abuse happened last year. At least one student sought medical attention for his injuries, the newspaper said.

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