SUNY Geneseo Cancels Women’s Volleyball Season After Hazing Incident

Assuming SUNY has done all the proper investigation into this incident (the police have filed charged after all) we say “good for them.”

In the past, buy viagra sale many colleges have investigated these types of incident and found any excuse possible–including ignoring their own hazing police–to avoid having to admit they have a problem like this at their schools. They go to great lengths to explain how something like this incident at SUNY Geneseo, where freshman were allegedly blindfolded, handcuffed and forced to drink large amounts of alcohol, was NOT hazing and merely horseplay, a non-team activity, or our favorite “inappropriate behavior.”  Anything but hazing.

Will this action put an end to all hazing at SUNY Geneseo? We would hope so, but after doing this site for more than twelve years we can honestly say that we don’t think it will end it completely. But students at that school who continue these barbaric practices have now been put on notice that their social or athletic program could also face the death penalty if they’re caught. A clear message has been sent.

Source: WHEC