Cheerleading Coach Allegedly Assaults Cops After Boyfriend Tries to Break Up With Her – Elizabeth Hadley Appenzeller

Ladies: This is why guys will break up you using a text. They want to avoid these kinds of situations.

Here’s the basics, according to police: the boyfriend of Elizabeth Hadley Appenzeller, the cheerleading coach at Coastal Carolina University, remedy went to her house over the weekend to pick up some of his belongings after the couple broke up. At some point Appenzeller jumped in the bed of his pick-up truck and refused to get out, meaning he could not safely drive away, so he called police.

You’d think when the cops got there she’d get the message, right? Wrong!  According to the cops, Appenzeller refused to get out of the truck and became “loud and boisterous and used profanity while standing in the road way.” It was at that point that officers asked the coach to quiet down and not use profanity because they were standing not far from a park were a local baseball or softball team was practicing. Nope. So they had to arrest her and when they did, Appenzeller allegedly continued to scream, begged police not to arrest her and, to top things off, kicked officers until they had to handcuff her.

On Sunday she was charged with resisting arrest and public disorderly/public intoxication, and Monday cops added assault on a police officer and first-offense criminal domestic violence charges.

Source: Myrtle Beach Online