SUNY Geneseo Volleyball Update: Freshmen “Blindfolded, Handcuffed and Forced to Drink” Booze in Hazing Incident

This is an update to a story from last week about the blindfolded, cialis sales treatment SUNY Geneseo women’s volleyball team and an off-campus “team bonding” exercise that seems to have gotten off track.

According to police, discount cialis 11 young women have now been arrested and face charges of hazing and unlawfully dealing with a child after one freshmen member of the team was hospitalized for alcohol poisoning. Now, before you dismiss this as just another bunch of college kids doing what college kids do, let’s look at what the police are saying happened that evening at an underage drinking party in Geneseo. Okay, we don’t have a lot of detail but police are saying that the eight freshmen members of the squad were summoned to an apartment off-campus, then blindfolded, handcuffed and forced to drink alcoholic beverages . . . to the point that one of them had a BAC of more than three times the legal limit (.0.08%) to drive. Not surprisingly, many people die from a BAC that high, which is why she probably ended up in the hospital.

What’s interesting to note is that of the 11 young women arrested, 8 are current members of the volleyball team. A team that, according to the school’s website, has only 8 upper-class players on a team of 17 with the majority (9) being freshman.  And, if you look at the names of the three women arrested who are not on the squad, all three to appear to have played last year. Did they all graduate and come back for this little party? Or were they kicked off the team last year for some reason (as sources are indicating to me) which explains why the team has so many freshmen players this year? On the police report these three are all listed as either 20 or 21-years-old. Kind of young to graduate, but you never know.

Is this hazing incident not the first discipline problem for the SUNY G volleyball team?

As we said last week, it appears the school acted appropriately in suspending the entire team (what else are you going to do when the upperclassmen are all in jail the freshman are all hungover?) but is this the first year such an activity has been held? And if not, did anyone on the coaching staff know about any previous booze hazing events like this one?

Ball is in your court SUNY Geneseo. (If anyone who attends this school can shed light on the situation, please let us know:

Source – Greece Post