Football Players from Catholic High School Kicked Off Team for Hiring Prostitutes – DeMatha High School

A Maryland high school powerhouse is missing a few players for this weekend’s game. Why? Bad grades? Discipline problems in school? Maybe hazing?


Apparently five lads have been removed from the DeMatha High School team after they allegedly hired three prostitutes off the Internet (oh yeah, sildenafil view blame the Internet!) last weekend while the team was in North Carolina.  Not a lot of details but the school claims it must have happened after 5 am (a prime time for NC hookers, viagra usa click apparently) because chaperones performed a 1:30 a.m. bedcheck and hallway monitoring until 4:30 a.m.

There is also no word about how the school found out about the hookers, sildenafil but we wouldn’t be surprised if someone was doing a bit of braggin’.

More on the story from NBC Washington:

The school had been largely quiet on the case until this morning. DeMatha, which is in Hyattsville, is a Catholic school for boys. It has a nationally known football program that has produced many NFL players, including Byron Westbrook and Josh Wilson of the Washington Redskins.