Charges Files Against SUNY Geneseo Volleyball Players Over Hazing/Drinking Party

Let’s see: yesterday we had a report about the dance squad at FAMU being suspended for an alleged hazing incident, viagra buy buy less than a year after a member of the school’s marching band died from hazing. Today, viagra sales we have reports that 11 members of the SUNY Geneseo women’s volleyball team were charged with 1st degree Hazing and Unlawful Dealing with a Child for serving alcohol to minors after an off-campus underage drinking party sent one student to the hospital with a BAC over 3 times the legal limit. And this happened at a school where another student died from binge drinking less than 3 years ago.

What are you people thinking? Do we need to lay the bodies of your fallen classmates in front of you to get this to stop?

The women’s volleyball team has been suspended by the university (polite applause) while the investigation continues. Some will argue the charges are harsh for common “underage drinking” at a college campus, but there must be enough evidence the gals were coerced into drinking that much or the DA wouldn’t have filed the charges.  SUNY Geneseo claims it has a tough anti-hazing policy, so we’ll see if they have the guts to follow through on this one.

Source – WHAM