High School Soccer Coach Accused of Hitting Opposing Player During Brawl – Bart Allan

You want your youth coaches to be “hands on” but not to the point that  they are putting their “hands on” a player from the opposing team. Especially when those hands are allegedly closed fists. This case involves a California high school soccer coach, Bart Allen, whose team reportedly got into it with a rival last week and a brawl broke out. Our favorite part of the story is where Allan admist to cops he threw punches in the melee, but denies hitting any kids.  Wait, what?

Here’s more on the incident from the NY Daily News:

Teen players from rival teams got into a fight Monday after a game in Simi Valley, Calif., KTLA-TV reported.  Bart Allan, 47-year-old head coach of the Conejo Valley United team, allegedly ran onto the field and joined in the melee. He hit a 16-year-old player for the opposing Antelope Valley team in the face, witnesses said. Allan admitted to cops that he ran into the fray and threw punches, but denied actually hitting any of the kids. The 16-year-old’s parents, however, said they were seeking medical treatment for their son’s nose and cheek injuries. No one else was injured in the brawl.